/ˈdʒɒkjələrɪzəm/ (say 'jokyuhluhrizuhm)

a joke; amusing remark.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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  • made-in — n British a two one honours degree. A students jocularism based on made in Taiwan . An alternative form is a draw: two won …   Contemporary slang

  • rug — n 1a. a toupee, wig. A predictable pre World War II jocularism which probably originated in theatrical slang. 1b. the female pubic hair 2. See cut a rug …   Contemporary slang

  • thunder-bags — n pl Australian male underpants. A jocularism drawing on the analogy with explosive flatulence or defecation, more often encountered in the expression thunderbox …   Contemporary slang

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